Fraps vs PlayClaw competition II

Well, both Fraps and PlayClaw was updated to new versions and it’s time to compare these tools again. Who is the best?

Fraps since version 3.1.0 from 8th Feb 2010 can capture videos without syncronizing with ingame fps. Finally! And they’ve fixed bug with Intel Core i5/i7 CPUs so now I can run it on my Win7 x64.
Also in version 3.1.2 from 4th Mar 2010 they’ve “Fixed slow recording speeds for some users in Battlefield: Bad Company 2″. That’s good because I want to test performance in this game.

PlayClaw in recent version 1.9 build 919 from Mar 17, 2010 have some optimizations for FullHD video frames.

I will do simple test with Battlefield Bad Company 2 game – spawn in one point then run Fraps and try to record 30fps video in full-size mode and half-size modes and the same operation I’ll do with PlayClaw. All recordings in PlayClaw will be done in low compression mode because this compression is very similar to fraps’ one.

OS: Windows7 x64 with the latest updates.
Hardware: Intel Core i5-750 / XFX AMD Radeon 5750 / 2×2Gb DDR3 RAM / 500Gb HDD (not a system drive) / 1920×1080 frame size

Frame rate without video recording:

FPS without recording

Full-size recording:


PlayClaw (2 cores to capture)

Ok, PlayClaw gives about 90fps in-game while recording (127 to 90 = 29% downscale) and Fraps gives about 60fps (127 to 60 = 52% downscale)

Half-size recording:


It’s very funny but Fraps gave the same result! 60fps in-game

PlayClaw (2 cores to capture)

In half-size mode PlayClaw gives about 100fps in-game while recording (127 to 100 = 21% downscale) and Fraps gives the same 60fps (52% downscale)

One more test:

PlayClaw, full-size, 1 core to capture

99fps !!! Downscale is 22% for full-sized frame capture. It looks like it doesn’t matter – how much CPU cores must be used for low compression on this configuration. But with decreasing number of used cores we gave more CPU resources to the game and ingame fps was increased from 90 to 99.


Cry, Fraps-fans! PlayClaw wins and its advantage is very good – almost 50% (99fps vs 60fps).

p.s. I’ve made also tests with High compression mode in PlayClaw. This mode takes a lot of CPU resources and in such game as Battlefield Bad Company 2 that requires 2-cores CPU (as minimum) I’ve got not good results for full-sized FullHD video. Low compression takes less of CPU power and we can capture video without any problems.

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