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How to capture game videos?

It’s very frequent moment when player would like to record video footage from game. For example he want to show somebody how to play game cool or make some “frag-movie“.

There are a number of video capture tools for games. In common case these tools can capture videos not only from games but from any software which is using graphics library. The most popular graphics libraries are Microsoft DirectX and OpenGL.

Capturing game videos is not a trivial task. Capture tool must know how to “intercept” rendering. It is the first task for such tool. DirectX have a number of versions which are using a bit different methods to render 3D objects. At present time game developers are using DirectX version 8, version 9 and version 10. DirectX 10 can be used only with Windows Vista. But DirectX 8 and 9 can be used in 2000, XP, Vista, etc.

OpenGL library was used very frequently in past games but DirectX is taking leadership in present time.
But there are a number of old games which are very popular and based on OpenGL. So, modern game video capture tool must be able to process OpenGL render too.

At this moment the most popular game video capture tool is Fraps. But there are tools which have the same or better abilities in comparision with Fraps. For example Game CamZD Game Recorder.

Recently on game video capture tools market was presented new tool with lots of features. It is PlayClaw tool – special tool for gamers.
Regardless of the fact that this is new tool, it have cool features and it’s working very stable. Read more about PlayClaw here –

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